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Outdoor Space

Our vast outdoor site is ideal for festivals, concerts and large public shows. Organising a big event is easier than you think; we've got experience with some of the biggest names in the industry so read on to discover how we could help with your plans.

Abundance of Outdoor Space
Free Parking
Experienced Team
Crowds sitting on the grass outside of the main grandstand at Bath Racecourse.

Festival site and Showground

If you're trying to reach a large audience with almost limitless facilities and space, then we can certainly help. Bath Racecourse has the infrastructure and wide open space to manage a variety of festivals, shows, fairs and concerts complete with free parking, gated entry points and all the catering to satisfy a diverse crowd.

The centre course serves as a show ground which in the past has hosted music festivals, car rallies and drone shows. Contact the team today to discuss your plans, send us an enquiry using the button below.

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