5 Signs That You Might Be A Little Too Into The Wurzels

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05 August 2019

We’ve all been there when there is that song that you just can’t stop playing over and over. The one that gets you on your feet, or singing at the top of your lungs. Or that band that you have to go see every time they play.

And in honour of The Wurzels joining us in Bath in a few weeks time, we are looking at some of those telltale signs that you might be a little too much into the Wurzels.

Sign 1 - You consider yourself a cider drinker.

Okay, so not too crazy. You could just be enjoying the British Summer with a refreshing cider. But maybe the regular can just isn’t hitting the spot. The fruity class of cider doesn’t quite sit right when your favourite band are playing in the background. You want something a little more mature, a little more local.

Maybe you’ve found yourself searching online for what the best West Country cider is. You decide to take a little trip out at the weekend to a pub or maybe a store if you want to enjoy your cider at home. You’re on the hunt for some Pilton or Perry’s or to find a bottle of dry farmhouse cider that calls out to you.

You’re just enjoying a thirst-quenching cider. All is good.

Sign 2 - You try to talk in a West Country accent.

It’s just a laugh really. You’ve successfully bought your cider and it’s going down nicely. You’re feeling warm, confident and like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. And that’s when you think you can take on the West Country accent.

Now, let’s face it unless you’re from the West Country this is sure to probably offend someone but most likely attract a few laughs at how bad your attempt is. So how do you talk with a West Country accent?

Maybe try replacing words with an S or C to Z (for example Zummerset Zyder). You can also pronounce the R after the vowel (like faRm, haRvest etc).

There’s also a few sayings you could try, which may make you send more like a proper West Country local (but probably not)

  • Where that to - Where is it?
  • Lush - Bloody lovely
  • Gurt - Either ‘big’ or ‘very’
  • Dimpsey - When it’s getting dark at the end of the day.
  • G’woam - Going home

Sign 3 - You want to learn how to play the banjo.

Your accent has gone down surprisingly well. So have the ciders. Now you want to sing out your favourite tunes. Who wouldn’t want to listen to ‘Combine Harvester’ as sung by you after a few drinks and trying a new accent?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play the banjo! How impressed everyone would be. You’ve wanted to learn a new skill for a while now, this could be it. A quick search shows you that you could take banjo lessons for just £15 if you wanted to. Maybe tomorrow, for now, you can be just as impressive with an air banjo.

Sign 4 - You find yourself researching “how much is a combine harvester” (and thinking of buying a farm).

Maybe the most serious one of all. You actually gave a cracking rendition of combine harvester. Which was quickly followed by “How much does a new combine harvester cost anyway?”. A flurry of searches start. You know a friend of a friend who has a farm. Think how much better summer nights would be if you could enjoy a cider on the farm?

But the dream might be slightly deflated when you see the few hundred thousand price tag for a new combine harvester. Even a used one will set you back a few thousand. And do you really want to do all the work that comes with the farm? Or do you just want to enjoy the outdoors? Maybe save any drunken purchases to a combine harvester toy. You’ll only be £20 lighter and it won’t be as much of a shock when the postman delivers it.

Sign 5 - You need to know when and where you can next see them play.

The Wurzels first topped the charts in the 1970s and have not stopped playing since. With many shows across the UK in 2019, The Wurzels are returning to Bath Racecourse once more as part of their super cider Saturday. Always during a huge crowd, it is also one of the friendliest and happiest shows at Bath.






Written by Lauren Keeling - Arena Racing Company

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