Bath Racecourse Announces Award Winning Photographer


27 March 2024

Bath Racecourse are pleased to announce that Megan Dent (Right) will be their official course photographer, responsible for all raceday photos including winning images presented to Owners and Trainers, starting with Bath’s Big Day Out on Sunday 7th April. 

Having finished her studies in 2018, Megan worked as Racing Secretary to Philip Kirby but made the leap into becoming a full-time photographer in the summer of 2022. 

Megan also works with Welsh trainer Christian Williams and is a vital part of the team there, producing some beautiful images of the horses working on the beach at Ogmore Farm. 

Megan also received the 2022 Emerging Talent Award at the Horseracing Writers and Photographers Association (HWPA) Derby Awards and has since joined the team of photographers at Cheltenham Racecourse. 

Bath Racecourse is looking forward to another fantastic season in 2024, with feature racedays such as Ladies Day on 15th June and Cider Racenight with the Wurzels on 17th August. The 2024 season kicks off with Bath’s Big Day Out which also features their richest ever raceday with a prize pot of £225,000. 

You can view Megan’s photos here:

Bath Racecourse

Racecourse logo

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