Celebrate St Patrick’s Day From The Comfort Of Your Home!


17 March 2020

Working from home? Here’s our top five tips on how you can still celebrate St Paddy’s Day by experiencing all the craic from the comfort of your own home.

Get crafty, why not involve your little leprechauns in making easy shamrock-shaped plates, cards, wreaths, and hats using affordable materials/ recycled magazines. The best part? Your finished products will leave you with cute holiday decorations to spread around the house.
Bake something green, we don't know about you, but starting the day off with shamrock green pancakes (add a few drops of lucky green food colouring to your normal pancake mix), and ending it with a plate full of Lucky Charm cookies (just add a fresh glass of milk) sounds like a perfect way to end the day!
Enjoy a pint of the black stuff whilst enjoying some Irish poetry, or how about attempting to write your own poetry? Who knows, the more Guinness, the more the poetical you may find yourself becoming! (Please drink responsibly)
Learn to river dance, Irish music can really get your heart going and a bit of exercise is always good for the soul. Throw on some classic Irish tunes and maybe even bust out a jig in your living room. Make a routine- why not!? Get it on TikTok
Plan a scavenger hunt in your back garden/ home, why not hide treats, rainbows, and clues around the garden (or house) and the winner receives a lucky pot of gold!

Our top tips for self-isolation during St Patrick’s Day …

Do: indulge. Eat all your favourite meals (Cook like an Irishman with a warming Irish Beef Stew?)
Don’t: forget a pint of Guinness!
Do: stay in frequent contact with the office, friends and family. We’re all in this together!
Don’t: tell your colleagues how much you’re talking to yourself (or the leprechauns) 
Do: get all your housework done, blast out the Irish tunes and have a bit of fun (but don’t do it all in one day!)

Happy St Patricks Day all!

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